Got Geese? Get Em Gone with Pond Wisers New “Border Patrol” Agent

“Border Patrol” is a hot topic these days for many reasons and it just got even hotter. Pond Wiser is a really cool company out of Massillon and they offer an amazing new service we have to tell you about. iTownz is happy to introduce you to the newest secret agent in the fight against Geese and their dirty ways. Meet Agent Vic, a specially trained Border Collie. Vic comes from Big Bend Farm in the hills of VA and has been trained by one of the top dog trainers/handlers in the US.

Pond Wiser provides quality control to pond and property owners who have Geese Gone Wild! Using herding dogs is the most highly effective and humane way to discourage Geese from making your pond and property their humble abodes. This form of goose control is is supported by PETA and the US Humane Society due to the fact that a Border Collie will not harm these birds that are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Did anyone else know this? Good thing I didn’t mow down some of those irritating geese at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia, OH during my 4th of July picnic! But I digress, these awesome dogs will herd and harass the geese on both land and in the water disrupting the geese lifestyle. Yes, even geese don’t want their quality of life messed with.

Facts about Geese:

  • Geese overgraze lawns, eat crops and trample turf
  • Each goose creates approximately three pounds of fecal matter daily (put down your coffee at this point)
  • Their droppings create a health risk to humans and can cause nutrient loading in water; which in turn triggers algal blooms and excessive plant growth in lakes.
  • Geese are territorial and will return to the same location year after year.
  • A goose can live upwards of 24 years and weighs approximately 12-14 pounds.
  • When a female is nesting, she is unable to fly and the male will stand watch. Many humans have been attacked by the aggressive male during the nesting season, which is the early spring.
  • If geese are not deterred from nesting, they have been known to nest near each other in gang broods (and who wants gangs, really) of up to approximately 20 birds.

Pond Wiser Inc. is the frontrunner in bringing this highly effective goose management service to our area. If you would like your property evaluated for a customized package, call today to 330-685-3637, 7 days a week, 7 am to 7 pm