Border Patrol Border Collie VicPond Wiser in Massillon, Ohio, was founded in 1989 and is the place to call for any and all problems that have to do with ponds, lakes and small bodies of water on your property. Although they originally started out as yard pond and water garden designers, installers and maintenance/repair experts, their business has expanded to include all aspects of large pond and lake management, including goose control.


Pond Wiser is also the place to call if you have trouble with geese around your water. They will send out their “Border Patrol”, a specially trained Border Collie named Agent Vic. He can patrol your grounds and herd and harass the geeseon the ground and in the water, effectively disrupting the geese’s lifestyle, making your land a less desirable place for the geese to be, which in turn will prevent them from nesting.

Border Collies are very intelligent animals. They are bred for herding sheep and other animals. So, if you have problems with geese on your property, call on the Border Patrol at Pond Wiser.

Geese may be pretty to look at, but they can really make a mess around lakes and ponds. The folks at Pond Wiser.stress it’s important to keep the geese population under control on your property because:

  • Geese overgraze lawns, eat crops and trample turf
  • Each goose creates approximately three pounds of fecal matter daily
  • Their droppings create a health risk to humans and can cause nutrient loading in water; which in turn triggers algae blooms and excessive plant growth in lakes
  • Geese are very territorial and will return to the same location year after year
  • goose can live upwards of 24 years and weight approximately 12-14 pounds
  • When a female is nesting, she is unable to fly and the male will stand watch. Many humans have been attacked by the aggressive male during the nesting season, which is in the early spring
  • If geese are not deterred from nesting, they have been known to nest near each other in gang broods of up to approximately 20 birds

Pond Wiser is proud to the frontrunner in bringing their highly effective Border Patrol for goose management to your area.

If you would like your property evaluated for a customized package specific to your needs, call 330-685-3637, 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm

Kathy and Denny Ray

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Pondwiser is your source for Goose control in Stark County, Summit County, Wayne County, Portage County, and Tuscarawas County. We know Kathy and Denny Ray and can tell you that they are awesome and the service they offer simply can’t be beat.

Pick up the phone and call them today and let them put an end to your Goose population problem.