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Vic and his pontoon adventure

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Hi forever friends and furry friends, I thought this month I would tell you a story about why I posted a picture of a pontoon boat with my blog. You see, it all started back in the spring of 2016… My dad was taking care of a lady’s pond and she asked him if he would take her pontoon boat for payment of her bill. He thought about it for some time before deciding he would do that. So, he loaded the boat on a trailer and brought it to Pond Wiser’s office, where it sat all winter long. The boat was in really bad shape! But, it floated. LOL Daddy talked to some people at a lake that he takes care of and it was decided that the addition [Read More…]

Vic, Pond Wiser Border Collie is on Vacation! 330-833-FROG

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Hi everyone, Wow, have I been lazy. I have been on summer vacation. Well, I didn’t really go anywhere, but I don’t have any geese to chase right now. But, that’s okay, by the Fall I am back to the “wild goose chase”. Haha, that was really funny from a furry guy like me! So, what do I do all day, you ask? I still go with my daddy. I can’t wait for him to say come in the mornings and I run like the wind and then he lets me jump in the truck. I have my own “house” in the bed of his truck and I ride around all day. Sometimes I get to visit with clients too. If it’s raining, which this spring and summer has been [Read More…]

Vic Here! Removing the Geese and Keeping the Peace Pond Wiser 330-844-1794

Monday, May 15th, 2017

5/8: Blog #11 Hi everyone, So, I was going to tell you that my work here is pretty well finished these days, but then my daddy got an email from a client and they want me back…like asap. Yea!! I chased geese a lot in January, February, March and especially in April. One business had no geese anywhere on their grass, landscaping, or parking lot at the end of April. I still go back occasionally to check on things and make sure no one decides to come calling. So far, so good. Another lake I went to was actually owned by two different homeowner associations so I worked a huge area. One pair of geese got up in some brush that I couldn’t get to, and built a nest, but [Read More…]

Goose Chasing Dog Blog #10

Saturday, April 8th, 2017
vic with geese

Hi “fur”ever friends,   This month I want to tell you about my goose chasing. So many people are curious about what I do. And they don’t really believe it works. But my Border Collie body is shaped like a wolf. Especially when I get in my “stance”. And the wolf is the only known predator to a Canadian goose. I go in different directions depending on what my daddy tells me. My daddy and I are a good team. The geese are smarter than you think. They recognize our truck. I know! That’s crazy, isn’t it? But when we pull in they get up and start walking away and wait to see what is going to happen. If they see me at all, they take off more quickly and [Read More…]

Vic’s Blog on Oral Hygiene

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Hi “fur”ever friends, So today’s blog is about my oral hygiene. Haha, I know, that’s funny, but it kinda isn’t. So herein lies the problem (or story) – As you may already know, I was born in Georgia and those peeps I lived with sent my sister and I to Virginia to see if we would be good sheep herders. My sis didn’t pass her test so she went back home to Georgia. I did everything right except one thing. I like to roll over on my back and get a belly rub. Especially after I do something that makes my peeps happy. I run right over and lay down for the obligatory belly rub. Not good, I guess, when herding sheep. My trainer said if I ran back to [Read More…]

Hi “fur”ever friends, Somehow January just flew by.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Hi “fur”ever friends, Somehow January just flew by. It seems like I was just complaining about all the tinsel and glitter my mom had strewn about my house and here it is; February. I suppose the biggest reason time has flown by is because I have been really busy. There are lots of geese hanging around Ohio during the winter. We actually haven’t even had much winter. One day it is 60 degrees and the next, a high of 30 degrees. Crazy stuff! There is a little ice on the big ponds. Enough that I can’t go in yet. But my daddy has a solution for that. Besides using me to chase these annoying creatures and convincing them to leave, he also uses a laser pointer. There are special guidelines [Read More…]

Hi “fur”ever friends, So, I suppose you are like my peeps and you’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for Christmas.

Friday, December 16th, 2016

12/15: Blog #7 Hi “fur”ever friends, So, I suppose you are like my peeps and you’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for Christmas. They have invaded my space. All around “my house” are boxes with garland, and ornaments, and all kinds of sparkly stuff that gets on my floor. Then guess what happens? My mom decides to clean it all up and that requires the sweeper. I really don’t like that thing at all! The sweeper makes so much noise, it kills my ears. I always get in trouble, and I really try to be good, but when that thing is on and hurting my ears so badly, I cry. Then my mom and dad scold me. That makes me sad and I am working on getting [Read More…]

Hi “fur”ever friends, Did you know that November, December, January and February are my best working months?

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Hi “fur”ever friends, Did you know that November, December, January and February are my best working months? If those pesky geese are hanging around your home or business now, they are probably going to settle in for a long winter’s nap. Well, they don’t really nap all the time, but you get it, right? If they are comfortable making your homestead, their homestead, throughout the winter months, then mama goose will make a nest in March or April and you will have baby goslings (not the Ryan kind, which I’m sure all the ladies would love) in May and June. That’s when the party really gets started! So let’s talk geese. I know their language… Did you know – * geese overgraze lawns, eat crops and trample turf? * each [Read More…]

Hey folks, are you having a good week? This has been a much better week here at Pond Wiser. My daddy hasn’t had any accidents. Yea!!

Friday, October 28th, 2016
Border Collie Agent Vic Resting In Between Missions

Hey folks, are you having a good week? This has been a much better week here at Pond Wiser. My daddy hasn’t had any accidents. Yea!! My week started with a good old-fashioned brushing. Oh, it felt so good. I am really hairy and my mom always has to get out the sweeper in our office because I leave hair everywhere. I really don’t like the sweeper at all. It is so loud and hurts my ears. I bite at it, but mom and dad don’t like me to do that. Well, it’s not like I mean to leave the hair; it just happens! I jump up on the tailgate of my daddy’s truck when he calls me and says up and then I sit there (or lay there) and [Read More…]

Hi, “fur” ever friends. I love my dad!

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Vic here. What a crazy few days we have had here at Pond Wiser. I get really sad when something happens to my dad. He and I are the best of buds. I bet you are buds with you dad to, right? Every morning I run around my yard and then my dad calls me and I jump up in to the bed of his truck. That’s where my “house” is that I stay in all day, except when I’m chasing geese. I really wish I had more geese to chase. My dad says I do such a good job that they don’t come back. Well our clients really like that, but I want to chase more!!   Have you ever thought about getting rid of those pesky creatures on your property? Give Pond Wiser a [Read More…]