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Winter is almost over!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

  Can you believe winter is almost over? Vic continues his daily goose chasings. The cold doesn’t bother him. Now summer is another story. The heat doesn’t stop him running but he will try to find the shade if he is lying outside. Wearing a heavy, black fur coat doesn’t work well during the hot months.  Oh, but how easily I digress to warmer weather… Home Wiser work is underway when Mr. Pond and Vic aren’t chasing geese. Last week was seminar time. Each winter Mr. Pond tries to become “wiser” and to learn about what the EPA has changed with rulings and chemical formulations. There are usually changes every year. You know, it’s a government thing! Our yearly water garden maintenance clients are still receiving two monthly service calls. [Read More…]

Why do we use a working Border Collie to get rid of Geese? It Works!

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Why do we use a working Border Collie to get rid of Geese? It Works! Working with our Border Collie “Agent Vic” is the key component in our strategy to keep unwanted geese and their highly toxic waste off your property. It is critical that Vic be 100% obedient with no tendencies to physically touch or harm the geese since this would violate the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Border Collies like our beloved Vic are a great fit to humanely remove geese because they have been bred for three hundred years to manage or herd livestock. Border Collies like Vic are athletic, obedient, and easy to train. In this work, the dog must be sensitive to the geese but also to direction from his handler. Because of their [Read More…]

Pond Wiser helps Canal Fulton Man humanely remove Canadian Geese from their property

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Pond Wiser is quite simply the coolest company around. They are also the only company around that we know of that has successfully and humanely removed Canadian geese for fellow residents of Stark County. Pond Wiser is getting rave reviews about their border collie named Vic. He has been safely and humanely getting Canadian geese ,along with their toxic waste, to leave local ponds and look for other areas to nest in.  Vic comes from Big Bend Farm in the hills of Virginia and has been trained by one of the top dog trainers/handlers in the US. Using these amazingly smart herding dogs is highly effective and increasingly popular service for goose control. This form of goose control is supported by PETA and the US Humane Society due to the fact that [Read More…]


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
Border Patrol Border Collie Vic

CALL ON POND WISER’s  BORDER PATROL FOR GOOSE CONTROL   Pond Wiser in Massillon, Ohio, was founded in 1989 and is the place to call for any and all problems that have to do with ponds, lakes and small bodies of water on your property. Although they originally started out as yard pond and water garden designers, installers and maintenance/repair experts, their business has expanded to include all aspects of large pond and lake management, including goose control.   Pond Wiser is also the place to call if you have trouble with geese around your water. They will send out their “Border Patrol”, a specially trained Border Collie named Agent Vic. He can patrol your grounds and herd and harass the geeseon the ground and in the water, effectively disrupting the geese’s lifestyle, making your land a less [Read More…]

The DR, also known as Denny Ray of Pond Wiser, Inc. is the person to call for all of your aquatic weed problems. He specializes in weed control for bodies of water both large and small, including lakes and ponds.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

CALL THE DR AT POND WISER, INC. TO CONTROL YOUR AQUATIC WEEDS The DR, also known as Denny Ray of Pond Wiser, Inc. is the person to call for all of your aquatic weed problems. He specializes in weed control for bodies of water both large and small, including lakes and ponds. The folks at Pond Wiser, Inc. know that weeds plague not only those who farm, garden and like to grow nice, green lawns, they are also a cause for concern for large lakes. There are a whole host of aquatic weeds to contend with that can threaten the life and balance of other plants and creatures in lakes and ponds. They can help you control suchaquatic weeds as bladderworts, pondweed, water willow (also known as American water willow), pickerelweed, watermeal, cattails and water lilies.   Although many consider waterlilies (nymphaea) attractive water [Read More…]

Pond Wiser Brings “Border Patrol” Goose Control Program to Stark, Summit, Portage, and Tuscarawas County

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
Border Patrol Pondwiser Dog

They’re back…. If you have a water feature, such as a pond on your property, you already know what we’re talking about: Canada geese. Pond Wiser Inc. in Massillon, Stark County, Ohio hasgoose control good news if you, your pond, and your property are suffering from these nuisance birds. The goose control program is called Border Patrol, and it is carried out by one special agent named Vic. Vic is a border collie, and he has been specially trained to help homeowners, businesses, and others who are dealing with a Canada goose overpopulation problem. If you fall into this group of those who need goose control assistance, and are in the Stark, Summit, Portage, and Tuscarawas County areas, contact Pond Wiser to find out how their Border Patrol program can help you. You may have other ideas about goose control, and how to deal with Canada [Read More…]

Lake Weed Management In Northeast Ohio

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
Eurasian Watermilfoil

LAKE WEED MANAGEMENT and why Watermilfoil should make you hop on over to our friends at Pondwiser. Pond Wiser Inc. is Licensed and Certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. (Eurasian watermilfoil is bad for your pond or lake). The plant pictured here is the Eurasian Watermilfoil. There are native milfoil species in Ohio, but we are told by our friends at Pondwiser that this is a submersed aquatic plant that is really nasty. This stuff grows really fast in early spring. It grows really densely (like people I know) and inhibits recreational activities, such as boating, swimming, and fishing. This plant grows so thick that it can inhibit fishes ability to move around and prevents other native plants from being able to grow. So, here is the deal. If [Read More…]

Remember the Bud Wise Er Frogs? Then Pondwiser Is For You!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Do you remember the Budweiser commercial that had the frogs on the lily pad sitting in the bog outside of the bar? The iconic beer commercial had three frogs sitting next to each other and they would each make their own sound…Bud…Wise…Er…It was an awesome commercial that combined humor with very memorable branding. The Pondwiser company from Massillon, Ohio is creating their own spin and play on words with this same froggy theme. Their site is filled with wordplay and you need to pay attention to absorb all of the writing brilliance it contains. Pondwiser is a company specializing in Water Gardens, Ponds, Lakes, and Lawns. They even have “border patrol” with their Border Collie Vic providing humane geese removal. They provide so many services that we will be writing about them for [Read More…]

Got Geese? Get Em Gone with Pond Wisers New “Border Patrol” Agent

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

“Border Patrol” is a hot topic these days for many reasons and it just got even hotter. Pond Wiser is a really cool company out of Massillon and they offer an amazing new service we have to tell you about. iTownz is happy to introduce you to the newest secret agent in the fight against Geese and their dirty ways. Meet Agent Vic, a specially trained Border Collie. Vic comes from Big Bend Farm in the hills of VA and has been trained by one of the top dog trainers/handlers in the US. Pond Wiser provides quality control to pond and property owners who have Geese Gone Wild! Using herding dogs is the most highly effective and humane way to discourage Geese from making your pond and property their humble abodes. This form of [Read More…]

Be “Pond Wiser” When Maintaining Your Ohio Winter Water Garden

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

It is January 2012, in northeast Ohio and we have been blessed with what seems to be an endless fall season, but the frigid temperatures are sure to arrive any day now. Water gardens require maintenance throughout the year, but preparation for the winter months is especially important for the survival of both the aquatic plants and the wildlife in and around the pond. Fall is the time to take action, but because we have been really lucky this winter with unusually warm weather early on, it is not too late to start right now. Taking care of your pond during the cold months is easy to do. Just manage the plants and clean the pond. Then keep an eye on it until the warm weather returns. To begin, you [Read More…]